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Cielo KX-100 Self Service

The Cielo KX-100 Kiosk is an elegant enterprise-level platform for points of information, service and sale in retail and public environments.

Delivering outstanding customer engagement in an elegant, space-efficient design the Cielo KX-100 supports points of information, service and sale within enterprise and public service environments. A powerful 22” Touch-screen Windows AIO system with integrated scanner can swiftly run the software of your choice, whilst Chip & PIN, printer and NFC options expand the possibilities for customer engagement.

The KX-100 can be used in retail as a self-service point-of-sale solution to reduce queue times and free up members of staff to deal with customers who require face-to-face assistance. The KX-100 can also be expanded to include an integrated Chip & PIN and printer unit, making secure payment and receipt printing available in one integrated solution.

The KX-100 also provides a swift service as a check-in terminal for hoteliers, gyms or airports, with an integrated scanner, supporting the use of QR codes for fast customer data entry and recognition. Customers can check-in, receive flight or hotel details, and check-out.

Public spaces such as libraries and museums, as well as department stores, will benefit from using the KX-100 as a wayfinding solution. Members of the public who receive self-service access to the location of the product or service they are looking for will be able to save time and experience increased customer satisfaction.

  • Powerful Intel J1900 Quad Core Processor
  • Projective Capacitive touch-screen
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Solid all-metal construction – built to last
  • Wall-mounting kit optional (head-mount only)
  • Optional Chip & PIN, printer
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 ready

For more information on the Cielo KX-100 Self Service or any of the other Kiosks contact Box Technologies today 01844 264 000

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