Product: Cielo Performance 15″

Cielo Performance 15″

Sleek, durable and fast, the Cielo Performance 15″ delivers design and high specification functionality

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Designed for today’s retail and hospitality environment, the Cielo Performance 15″ features an ultra-slim display, sleek aluminium chassis and Intel Celeron™ processor.

An elegant, fast and efficient POS solution – the Cielo Performance is the ideal combination of sleek design and high specification features.

The Cielo Performance AIO is a splash-proof unit featuring a small space saving footprint and a bright, backlit, high-resolution display ensuring ease-of-use and brilliant image quality, whilst remaining power efficient.

  • Available in high gloss black or white with upright design and small footprint, the elegant design delivers a sophisticated look which will appeal to high-end environments such as fashion outlets, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Optional peripherals: Cielo Performance 15″ can be enhanced with the inclusion of optional peripherals including magnetic stripe and RFID readers.
  • Easily upgradeable: Cielo Performance 15″ hardware platform can be easily upgraded by swapping out key components such as the motherboard and HDD.