Product: Cielo Enterprise 17”

Cielo Enterprise 17”

Cielo Enterprise 17″ is a powerful, elegant and robust PoS terminal in a class of its own

Store design, staff productivity and customer engagement ensures that PoS systems must be selected with careful consideration. Cielo Enterprise tackles these challenges head on with an elegant, ultra-slim display and sleek splash-proof chassis, within a modest overall footprint.

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The Cielo Enterprise 17″ is an obvious candidate for the retailer seeking style, combined with unparalleled processing performance.

Available with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor,the Cielo Enterprise 17″ is able to handle complex, demanding data processing requirements driving efficiency and productivity within the store.

Cath Kidston Case Study from Box Technologies on Vimeo.

  • Intel® Core™ i5 powered: The Cielo Enterprise 17″ is powered by an Intel® Core™ i5 processor which is able to deliver exceptional processing speeds whilst remaining highly energy efficient.
  • Optional peripherals: The Cielo Enterprise 17″ can be enhanced with the inclusion of optional peripherals including magnetic stripe and RFID readers and other devices, all available from Box Technologies.
  • Easily upgradeable: The Cielo Enterprise 17″ hardware platform can be easily upgraded by swapping out key components such as the motherboard and HDD.
  • The Cielo Enterprise is available in both high gloss black and white, providing true style.