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EPSON TM-T70II PoS Receipt Printer

The Epson’s TM-T70II pos receipt printer is the smallest in class receipt printer with a full frontal operation.

Compactly Designed with a Small Footprint
Streamline your POS system with Epson’s space-saving TM-T70II pos receipt printer. With its small size and low height of 4.49″, it’s designed to fit under your counter or in other small spaces. It has all the features you need to keep your lines moving.

High Speed, High Resolution Printing
With a 203 dpi print head, the TM-T70II delivers sophisticated, intelligent receipts for maximum customer impact in an instant. With a fast print speed of 250mm/second, be assured of crisp, clear receipts and eye-catching logos. Horizontal and vertical barcodes for special offers and promotions are also supported.

Reliability You Can Count On
With a MCBF (Mean Characters Between Failure) of 65 million lines, a MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of 360,000 hours and an auto cutter life of 1.7 million cuts, the TM-T70II pos receipt printer has all the reliability needed for high-volume environments. It has an optional external rear splash cover that provides resilience and an optional cable management system to prevent accidental disconnection whilst in use.

Easy to Use and Maintain
The TM-T70II pos receipt printer is equipped with a range of convenient, user-friendly features. Designed to be operated with the minimum of effort, the TM-T70II’s functionality includes front paper feeding with drop-in paper rolls and front-facing operator controls.

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