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Cielo Modular BX-500 POS

The modular Cielo BX-500 is designed to deliver high performance and flexibility to your POS environment, at a competitive price.
A 4th generation Intel processor makes the Cielo BX-500 highly efficient, low on power consumption and fast enough to keep up with the most demanding of POS environments.

The Cielo BX-500’s simple construction and single board design ensure it is easy to service and upgrade when required, minimising the impact of any unexpected downtime.

As standard, the Cielo BX-500 has an extensive range of I/O interfaces – providing connectivity via Powered Serial, Powered USB, Ethernet, Parallel ports and Cash Drawer kicks. Additional I/O options can be added with optional I/O cards, to further increase connectivity.

Beyond this, the Cielo BX-500 can be internally customised to meet specific requirements – for example adding RAID functionality, an optical drive or a graphics card.

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