Product: Cielo Mobile Tablet Rugged Cover

Cielo Mobile Tablet Rugged Cover

With the Rugged Cover, the Cielo Mobile Tablet range becomes even more ruggedised. For instance, adding the Rugged Cover increases the drop height of the Cielo Mobile Tablet 8.3” from 1m (standard product) to 1.8m measured based on MIL-STD-810G.

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The Cielo Mobile Tablet Rugged Cover is an accessory which can be mounted on the 8.3″ and 10.1″ Cielo Mobile Tablets. It has a modular construction with some optional elements and is designed to enhance the protection level of the tablet from both drops and usage in harsher environments.

The Rugged Cover can also be provided in a range of colours.

  • Protecting battery cover (optional element)
  • Protecting all openings (optional element)
  • Preventing moisture, water and dirt collection between tablet and frame
  • Increases drop height to 1.8m